Includes detailing of the interior and exterior of the vehicle. Meticulous and an excellent choice for those with a sedans. The signature detail will leave you with a freshened up, clean interior and a clean, shiny, and protected exterior.
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Our performance detailing removes all dirt, leaving your paint with a streak-free & wax-like finish, and protects your paint. We only use about 6-ounces of water to wash a car and super-soft microfiber towels to pamper your paint, interior, leather, windows, and wheels.
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Your boat is a major investment. Proper care is essential in preserving the exposed surfaces and the value of your vessel. Boaters need to know how the sun, salt water and other elements can take their toll on fiberglass, gel coat, metal and vinyl.
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In order to protect your vehicle's resale value and preserve the look and feel of your vehicle, it must be fully detailed at least twice a year. Without the proper cleaning and protection, your vehicle will no longer feel new and will quickly lose value! Reasonable Detailing is a mobile auto detailing company, specializing in the proper care and maintenance of your vehicles. When your car is being detailed by us, you can rest assured that your car is being detailed by an automotive enthusiast who will care for your car as if it was his. Our attention to detail is unmatched in Southern california and we will take every step to satisfy our customers.